When people say Trump isn’t racist

Hi guys! So just a little bit about me before you decide if you want to follow me or not. My name is Chanel and I am a 21 year old psychology student at UCLA, born and raised in Los Angeles. Although what I’m studying has nothing to do with politics, I’ve always felt particularly passionate about political matters. With the presidential election going on, I have a lot of thoughts inside me and I suppose that yelling at Trump supporters isn’t a helpful way to let out my feelings of anger and utter disappointment. So I started this blog to pour out my opinions without being judged or looked at like I’m a crazy person. Also, I am hoping I can reach out to some people and help them understand the importance of what is going on around us. I am going to say whatever comes to my mind so if I offend you feel free to stop reading. If you have different opinions, that’s fine, but I’m not really looking for a debate. If I wanted that, I would write on facebook. So now without further ado…Here’s my first post about something that’s really been making my brain explode.

Let me first start by saying, if someone is a Republican or chooses to support a Republican candidate, I have nothing against that. After all, we all have our opinions. I have my share of Republican friends and I am not going to hold anything against anyone. Anything except Trump, that is. You see, Donald J. Trump is not categorized in my mind as your average Republican candidate. He is categorized as some random reality show television personality who just happened to have the money and sense of entitlement to take it upon himself to run for president. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Let’s just keep in mind that to work a management position at your local Applebees, you need about 5 years of experience. But apparently to run for leader of the free world, you don’t need any! Regardless, there are essentially only two possibilities of who is going to be our next president, so of course there are going to be people who support The Donald. I have tried to put myself in their minds and think what reason they could have to support such a candidate. At first I thought, if someone is a Republican, they will choose to support the Republican. Clearly that is not true, seeing that Mitt Romney, George Bush, John McCain, Paul Ryan and a shit ton of Republicans refuse to support this guy because they know he is so far off the spectrum of normalcy when it comes to a presidential candidate. Now I really tried to think about why it is that people are willing to support him (and almost hurt my brain doing so). These are some things I came up with. 1. People are sick of dealing with corrupt politicians and were desperate to welcome a new face into the political spotlight. 2. People believe that someone who is rich and known as being a successful business man can strengthen the economy. And then there are the obvious reasons. People are unsatisfied with some of the things going on around them and have been manipulated by a man who is getting it into the mind’s of the American people that there is something wrong with the country. Something that only he can fix. And only he can make it great. And finally, there are the Trump supporters who are flat out racists with no shame who have finally found the person they can worship. The person who makes them think they don’t have to hide their racism and be ashamed of it. Am I saying every Trump supporter is racist/sexist/prejudice? Not exactly. But every single racist organization IS backing Donald Trump. And that says something. In fact, that says everything…

If someone tells me, “Look, I know Trump has made some racist remarks and may have some racist tendencies, but to be honest paying less taxes and blahblahblah is my priority so I’m going to vote for him anyways,” I’ll understand that. I even had a friend tell me “I’d rather take a racist than a liar.” (Little does he know he’s getting a racist and a liar in Trump). Or someone who says, “I know he doesn’t have the utmost respect for women or minorities, but to me accidentally using a private email server is worse.” Or even, “I think he can make the economy great and that is all I care about.” Do I agree with it? No. Do I think having a president who hasn’t made racist and sexist remarks should be a priority? Absolutely. But at least they are admitting that Trump isn’t perfect, far from it really. Even if I thought that Trump could solve all the economy’s problems (which I don’t even for a second), it still wouldn’t change my mind one bit. Hitler also improved the economy, but at what cost? I apologize if that is an extreme example, but I am trying to prove that some things are more important than keeping more money in your pockets.

Obviously, the fact that someone is willing to vote for someone that they know has racist tendencies PISSES ME OFF. But do you know what pisses me off 10 TIMES MORE?! When someone who is voting for him just flat out says, “Oh no, he isn’t racist.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEEEEEEEE?! Are. You. Okay. Are you alive in there? Anybody upstairs…? Ok sorry. How much evidence would you possibly need to admit that he is racist and/or prejudice? Let’s rewind to way back in the day before Trump was a politician. Back when he got sued for not renting his apartments to black people. TWICE. Now, he ended up settling the law suit so let’s just pretend that there wasn’t any racism and it was all just a misunderstanding. I’ll give you that one Trumpers. There was also the time when he said black workers in his casinos were lazy and that black people are generally lazy. How about the fact that he started this huge conspiracy that the first black president, Barack Obama, wasn’t born in the United States. To think we actually made some progress in American history by electing a black president and then all of a sudden there are people claiming he isn’t even a citizen. Even after seeing his birth certificate, people still refuse to believe that President Obama was born in America. And that’s what they say when there’s a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. What about all the the black people who don’t even have a birth certificate because they didn’t give them to slaves many many years ago. Are they not considered citizens either by Trumper logic?  How about the time he referred to Mexicans as criminals and rapists? Or when he said a judge was biased and couldn’t do his job because his PARENTS were born in Mexico. Not even him, his parents. Or when he called a former Miss Universe Miss housekeeping because she was Latina. Or when KKK leader said he was voting for Trump and when asked about it, Trump said he couldn’t condemn a group he hasn’t yet researched. How about when he said “I am calling for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the US until we can figure out what the hell is going on.” He has also been known to suggest that there should be cameras in mosques. He has said all Muslims should wear something to show they are muslim (remind you of anything)? He also lied about seeing Muslims celebrating on 9/11. He also insulted the religion of a Muslim family who spoke at the DNC about their son who died fighting for this country. Literally his only response to that was to insult the wife and say that she probably wasn’t allowed to speak because of her religion. In reality, she was too grief-stricken to speak about her dead son, which was evident in an interview she did earlier. I haven’t even brought up anything sexist that Trump has said about women, because that’s a whole separate blog post itself, or a novel rather. Those were just a FEW examples. So when someone says, “He’s not racist. Give me one example of a time he said something racist.” No, I’m not going to sit there and explain to your brain dead ass how this guy is racist. I have given up. That’s why I’m writing a blog now. Away from you. I’m tired of hearing people’s excuses for him.

There are a few reasons why people say Trump is not racist or prejudice or sexist. They are either A) in denial. B) too ignorant to know about half the racist things this man has said C) they know he is racist but refuse to admit it because then they would be admitting that they are supporting a racist candidate or D) They are actually so blinded by their love for him they cannot recognize his racism and possibly are not able to identify what racism is since they’ve never experienced it. Muslim and Mexican kids have been getting beaten up in school. A Mexican kid was told that when Trump becomes president, he wouldn’t be here anymore. A Muslim kid was beat up on the school bus and the family moved back to Pakistan while they wait for this election to be over. Hate crimes against minority groups have risen since Trump started running. A Muslim woman in New York was set on fire. I can’t make this shit up guys!! WAKE UP. Don’t be in denial. And if you want to say “Trump isn’t the one committing these hate crimes,” do you think it’s just a coincidence that the number of hate crimes and racist comments have sky rocketed since he started running? Do you think its a coincidence that Trump only has a 2% approval rating among black people?  Obviously, he has created an environment in which people think it is acceptable to behave like this! Just go to a Trump rally or listen to a recording where you hear people yelling the most degrading and racially insulting disgusting comments. That is where they feel safe to voice their racism. IN THE PRESENCE OF A POSSIBLE FUTURE PRESIDENT. Since the election, people have been driving around with confederate flags, painting swastikas all over the place and much more. So if you still want to vote for this man because you believe the benefits outweigh the costs or whatever, feel free. But don’t say that he’s never said anything racist. Don’t say that he’s never said anything against a certain religion. Don’t say he has never disrespected women. Cuz honestly, you’re embarrassing yourself. And insulting the intelligence of anyone with a brain. If you’re going to be supporting him, at least own up to what you’re supporting OKAY? That’s literally all I ask. Its okay you acknowledge his racism! It’s better than being in denial. I’m not judging you! If you’re supporting him then acknowledge ALL of him, not just the parts you like. And if you are too scared to admit that, then maybe you should be ashamed of what you’re voting for.

Thanks for reading 🙂

One thought on “When people say Trump isn’t racist

  1. Hi youngdemocratblog. Now I stay neutral of politics and religion. But honestly I would vote for either. There will be problems whichever wins! Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things Paranormal Conspiracy Theories. Observing this crazy unstable and dangerous society! Writing a passion that keeps me alive and sane! Great to meet you. #TheFoureyedPoet.


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