When Trump says “I have the utmost respect for women.”

Utmost respect my ass. This coming from the guy who cheated on his first wife with his second wife and then cheated on his second wife with blah blah the story goes on. In his book, he even brags about all the times he’s slept with married women. Cheating one time, we can call that a mistake. But cheating multiple times is called a PATTERN.

Pattern: [pat-tern] noun. a combination of qualities, acts, tendencies, etc.,forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement. 

Remember this term for later ^

So now the woman bashing serial cheater is representing the Republican party aka the party of “family values.” Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.

Kind of an embarrassment. He really tarnished the Republican name. No wonder half of them aren’t even supporting him. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that just because someone loves to sleep around they can’t be a good president, I’m just saying that if Obama did half of this, the Republican party would be throwing a fit and proposing we throw him straight to hell. The hypocrisy is real. And then, it gets better! Trump has the AUDACITY to call out Bill Clinton on his cheating scandal. The scandal that all of America already knew about and is like 10 year old news. Wow Donald, thank you for informing us, we had no idea. *eye roll. Not saying what Bill did was cool, but like who in the FUCK are YOUUUU to be condemning someone else’s marriage? If you ask me, I’d say we already have enough evidence right here that Don Trump does not have the UTMOST respect for women. But does he still have some respect for women? A good amount of respect for women? Let’s continue, shall we?

So let’s just pretend that Mr. Trump was going through a phase of cheating, but now he met the love of his life and he doesn’t do that anymore. I mean, maybe that’s true, who knows. So does that mean he officially has the most respect for women ever? Well, there is still a SHIT TON of evidence that would say otherwise. I have put it in bullet point format for your viewing pleasure.

-He has called numerous women fat disgusting slobs. Women like Rosie O’Donnell who he has YET to apologize to. So when a woman disagrees with him, his first response is to attack her looks/body. Isn’t a president suppose to be a role model and lead by example? We already have enough issues with eating disorders and body dysmorphia as well as women being judged SOLELY by their looks. Trump can’t ever attack a woman for the way she does her job or uses her mind, he has to go straight to the fat ugly pig comments. BRA fucking VO. Speaking of, he says a journalist has to be pretty to do her job. So readers, it is a requirement to be pleasing to look at to report news so if you’re not a 10/10 plz drop out of college immediately cuz you’re wasting your time.

-A lawyer who was a woman told him she wanted a short break to go breastfeed and he called her disgusting. Exact words: “You’re disgusting.”


-Female moderator, Megyn Kelly, asked him about his sexism. He said she asked because she was on her period and had blood coming out of her.

Classy. I get that he’s not prepared to be politically correct, but just as a person, can he at least be decent? He refused to show up to a debate after that and said that there shouldn’t be any moderators. SO, a moderator is enough to get Trump running for the hills, but he can take on ISIS?

-He says that wives who make their husbands change diapers are making the husband act like a wife. He said if his wife was like that he wouldn’t even have kids. He said “I won’t do anything to take care of them,  but I’ll supply the funds.”

So our presidential nominee rolled straight outta the 1920’s into this race for leader of the free world in 2016.

-His response to women getting raped in the military: “What do these geniuses expect to happen when they put women in the military?”

I think they expected the men not to rape them. Just guessing.

-His son says women who can’t handle harassment don’t belong in the workforce.

Apple. Tree.

-He’s said that a woman who has an abortion should be punished while the father can walk away with zero punishment.

That’s just the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life. Let’s stay on this topic of abortion because I just watched the third debate and I think Hillary SLAYED on this issue. Even if you’re anti abortion for the most part, there are exceptions to think about. What if the mother finds out that having the baby will kill her? I hate these Republican men like Paul Ryan who think a woman should die for her baby. Who are you to make that decision for someone? Until you have a baby that can kill you, please keep your mouth shut. Does the government want to control every aspect of your life? Would they also like to watch you have sex to see how the baby is being made? At the debate, Trump was talking about mothers who have abortions in the 8th month of pregnancy because they are either going to die or they find out the baby’s condition is not compatible with life. I can only imagine how painful it was for the mother to make this life altering, intimate decision and as if that’s not bad enough she has to listen to people like Trump give her shit for it and describe it as “these women rip the baby out of the womb prior to the birth of the baby.” Like, do you think anyone WANTS to do that?! Describing the worst moment of someones life with such vulgar imagery is truly appalling. Shameful. A woman who actually HAS had a baby come out of her womb while she’s crying her life out because she was going to DIE if she didn’t do it does NOT need to listen to your BULLSHIT. She has suffered enough. Sometimes the woman has to end the pregnancy because if she doesn’t, her AND the baby will die.  Trump went on to shame Hillary for supporting 9 month abortions but GUESS WHAT. THERES NO SUCH  THING AS A NINE MONTH ABORTION. THAT LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENS. In the case where the mother is dying during the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby is not RIPPED OUT you moron, it is DELIVERED and then they try to save him/her. Trump said he will appoint pro life justices to the supreme court who will overturn the decision of Roe v. Wade. So he wants to take it back to the days where people would give themselves abortions with coat hangers and accidentally kill themselves or just have babies that they can’t support. After, Roe V. Wade passed, a study concluded that about 20-30 ish years later the rate of crime had significantly went down. When a child is born into a family of criminals or drug addicts, they are more likely to commit crime. When a child is born into a family they are not wanted in, they are more likely to commit crime. So if Trump has SOOOO much respect for women, why can’t he trust them to make their own decisions with their families?

Lastly, there is the issue of the tape aka the LOCKER ROOM TALK. I have plenty of guy friends and trust me I have heard this “locker room talk” everyone is now speaking of. I have heard guys talk about what they want to do with a girl and all the details that go with it, but never have I heard a guy say, “You don’t even have to ask, just grab them by the pussy.” If I heard that I woulda been like woah dude. Took it a little far. But, you know what? People get carried away. I can understand that. So if Trump had NEVER done or said anything to lead me to believe he was sexist bag of shit, maybe I would let the tape go and say it was just a joke and it doesn’t represent who he is as a person. But because this is a PATTERN as I mentioned earlier, this IS who he is. It honestly didn’t even surprise me. So to dismiss all the misogynistic ideas, talk and actions of Trump, like throw them all out the window, and then reduce his talking about sexual assault into locker room talk at this point is just pathetic. One reporter on CNN said that this is acceptable because so many people are reading 50 shades of grey. Yup, the presidency just got compared to an erotic novel. The man he was having the conversation with was fired from NBC news so officially NBC has higher standards of who their reporter is than America does for who their president is.

Obama just signed into law the sexual assault survivors act so women who get raped aren’t charged for rape kits and their rape kit can still count for evidence even if they didn’t initially report a police report. Do you think Trump gives a shit to do anything like that? I really wonder.

Clearly, Trump does not have the UTMOST respect for women. In fact, he doesn’t even have a regular amount of respect for women…

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