When Immigrants are Anti Immigration

I think when people think of immigrants, especially those coming from Mexico and South America, they don’t really understand why people need to immigrate here. When people think of immigrants they’re like OH CRIMINALS coming to sell some heroin (if you allow yourself to be influenced by Trump’s scare tactics) and OH THEY’RE COMING TO STEAL MY JOB. First of all, if you don’t have a job yet, please be quiet. Second of all, many of the jobs these immigrants are doing are not jobs any Americans even want. Unless you’re planning on selling oranges on the side of the road, do not tell me that person is stealing your job. Also, if you’re a high school drop out, please don’t tell me that Muhammad the neurologist stole your job. Third of all, how many white Republicans do you know that lost their job to an undocumented immigrant? Any?! And then how many corporations do you know that their RICH GREEDY NOT PAYING TAXES CEO send jobs to Mexico and China because it’s cheaper? (*cough Trump is one of them).

What I don’t understand is when an IMMIGRANT is anti immigration. Their mentality is like oh okay I made it here now who cares about anyone else? A comedian was explaining how he was in a cab talking to an immigrant driver who said he is voting for Trump. The comedian was like “Aren’t you an immigrant?” and the guy was like “Ya, but I’m already here.” So you come to America because either you have no freedom, you aren’t making enough money, you can’t get a good education where you live, you hate where you live whatever, but then you don’t feel an ounce of empathy for anyone else who feels the exact same way you did? WHAT?! My parents came here from Iran during the Revolution because they were clearly not a fan of the government. Now I hear all these Iranian people saying we shouldn’t let anyone from Iran come here. What makes you so special that you got to come here, but no one else deserves to? I hear them say they could be terrorists or that their government suppress women or does this and that… but no one there likes their government…so if their government is so bad, isn’t that more of a reason we should want them to get away from it? Also, none of the terrorists we’ve seen have ever been from Iran. Just because Muslim people live there does not mean its a place full of terrorists. Math lesson for you. Muslim does not equal ISIS (wooah, mind=blown). Just because Trump believes it, doesn’t mean you need to! We don’t choose where we’re born. I am so lucky that I was born in a place like America. Other people aren’t so lucky. Just because we happened to be born here, doesn’t mean we deserve better than those who are living in filth or violence somewhere else. It just happened that that was what we were born into. It’s all just luck. It’s not fair to say that those people have to suffer because that’s where they were born. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying you should pick where you go to college out of a hat and just go there and your whole future will be based on something that was completely random and out of your control.

I took a Latino studies class recently and read some stories from people who immigrated to the United States. All I can say is that I was shocked. There was a man who came here from somewhere in South America and he had a REALLY bad medical condition and needed immediate medical attention. He was told that if he went back to his country they would be able to give him the surgery he needs at an affordable price. He refused to go back. It was SO bad for him to live there that he would rather stay in America and DIE than go back. That’s insane. I don’t remember what his condition was but it literally looked like his intestines were sticking out of his stomach. Also, when people come here from South America, they usually get raped on the way. YES, RAPED. Some of them take birth control before their journey because they literally KNOW they’re going to be raped when passing through Mexico, but their life depends on it so much that they’re willing to go through it. There was a lady who took birth control before she started to make the journey to America with her daughter. She ended up not needing it because they raped her 10 year old daughter instead. IN FRONT OF HER. Now after they went through that, Trump wants to send them back? Separate parents from their children? Parents who came here just so that their children would be able to have a life. I never knew about all of this until I was in this class, so I understand that people are so uneducated about what’s going on. I work in a Mommy and me class where I heard one of the mom’s saying you can’t trust that one of these hispanic housekeepers will love your kids when they left their own children to come here. I wanted to punch that person and be like you have no idea what you’re saying. Sometimes, a parent has to come to America to make money to send back for their children to be able to buy food. It’s literally the hardest thing they have to do, but their children could die without it. One of the thing’s Trump said that doesn’t get much attention is that he’s going to stop the money flow from here to Mexico. That’s literally disgusting. So many families are depending on that money to buy food and necessities. Money that people work hard for to send to their family. Of course, he would never understand.

America is known as the land of opportunity, the American Dream, the place you can go to be successful. America has always been like that. It is built on immigrants. Seven immigrants are winning a nobel prize this year. You wouldn’t be able to read this on your iPhone if Steve Job’s parents didn’t immigrate here from Syria. This is America. If you don’t like it, you can go and build a wall around yourself.

Before the Holocaust, countries had the chance to take in Jewish refugees. Instead, many made strict immigration policies. So many more people could have been saved if it wasn’t for this. After the Holocaust, America became a safe place for the survivors. They literally describe America as being the best place in the world. America is built on refugees and now the Syrians don’t know where they can go. America has the chance to do something to help them. LEARN FROM HISTORY PEOPLE. Over 700,000 refugees have settled in America since 9/11. Do you know how many of them have carried out an act of terror? It’s a nice, round number. ZERO. Actually out of the millions of refugees America has accepted since 1980, none have committed an act of terror. LITERALLY NOT ONE. But you’re voting for Trump because he’s gunna keep out those “killer refugees” right? Trump loves to scare people into voting for him by saying Hillary wants to let anyone into America, which is utter bullshit. America has very strict processes and regulations people must go through before they can get in. What type of solution is it to say that we can’t let in all billion muslims on the chance that one will be a terrorist. According to the FBI, 94% of the acts of terror that have been carried out in America since 1980 were by non-Musims. If we consider the fact that such an insanely small proportion of Muslim people are actually terrorists and consider all the processes they must go through to get into America, the chances we’ll let a terrorist in are like one in a billion, or ZERO if you look at history. Your chance of being killed by an American citizen is higher than being killed by a refugee. Or did we forget that there are terrorists and killers who are AMERICAN CITIZENS, killing people every day. If you’re so scared of dying, you should know that your chance of being killed by a gun is like 1000 times higher than being killed by an Islamic terrorist, but go ahead and support the candidate that thinks it’s okay for anyone to walk around with a military weapon. The chance of being struck by lightening is also about 15 times higher. Interesting fact: the chance of being crushed by a vending machine is higher than the chance of being killed by an Islamic terrorist. But, why aren’t we banning vending machines? Instead, we’ll ban people who want to come here to be doctors or people who are fleeing from dangerous living conditions, okay makes sense. Obviously, something still needs to be done to defeat ISIS and no one should be dying. But it’s completely ironic that most of the people in Syria are just innocent civilians who are the enemy of ISIS and because America is scared of ISIS they don’t want these refugees to have a home? That makes zero sense. People always like to point out that the terrorist in Paris was a Syrian refugee, but first of all that’s not even 100% certain and also the process Europe has for letting people in is SO different than the process America has. Thousands of refugees are entering Europe each day and the government is struggling to even keep track of them. In America, they go through various departments, the FBI and more, so they’re not “random people who we don’t know who they are.” People who come into this country go through more regulations and are being watched more closely than American citizens so they’re probably the people you least have to worry about.  The war in Syria has killed over 250,000 people, innocent children are being bombed and they need our help. Any other argument is just unacceptable.

If you can get passed the media’s portrayal of immigrants as lazy freeloaders, you can see that all they’re doing is trying to live their life and help their children have a future, just like your parents are doing for you.


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