When You Get Called a Snowflake

For those of you not familiar with the term…Here is urban dictionary’s definition of a snowflake:

An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in “safe zones” on college campuses. An entitled millenial who runs to her “safe space” to play with stress toys and coloring
books when she gets “triggered” by various inocuous “microsaggressions”.
Those social justice warriors are just a bunch of snowflakes.
This is the new term conservatives have labeled liberals with that goes hand in hand with their other nicknames such as sore loser jobless all talk no action libtard crybabies. It’s funny because after having been called racist or intolerant, conservatives preach of how wrong it is to label a group of people so they retaliate by doing the same. I can totally see how a person who finds solace in going to a room to color is so disturbing to the Trumpers because apparently winning is not enough for them, but they also need to stop and laugh at people for the act of COLORING in order to feel better about themselves. So in other words, snowflake is a term used by individuals who generally self-identify as conservative to name-call individuals who politically disagree with them.
Tomi Lahren recently put up a video about what it is to be a snowflake in which she said things like, “if you believe that taxpayer money should be used to pay for your abortion, you’re probably a snowflake.” Um, what? I don’t even know what that has to do with being overly sensitive. She also said things like, “If you get upset over a man holding a door open for you, you’re probably a snowflake.” Well, by that definition I guess I’m not a snowflake. I think there needs to be a consensus in the conservative community about what it is to be a snowflake because at this point it just sounds like something you call someone who is passionate about their beliefs, which happen to be different than yours.
If you haven’t realized by now, I like to start by attempting to understand the mentality of the opposing side on my topics and I really do understand the idea behind this anti snowflake anti safe zone business (even if I would disagree). Republicans seem a little confused because why weren’t there safe zones when Obama won? Why weren’t there protests back then huh? Is it because they have more important things to do than protest or because they loose with class unlike the libby hippes? Well, I can understand their questioning for about a millisecond until I realize maybe there weren’t protests when Obama won because he didn’t propose banning a religion of 1.6 billion people, making some people feel like they weren’t valued human beings. I really want to clear this up for the Trump supporters  because they seem to believe that the snowflakes are being too sensitive and simply protesting because they lost. Let me let you in on a little secret. Democrats aren’t protesting because a Republican won. They didn’t protest when Bush won and they wouldn’t have protested if Romney won and they wouldn’t be protesting if Marco Rubio or someone else won. They are protesting because Donald Trump won, you know, the person with massive conflicts of interest, the person who admitted to not paying his employees or paying taxes, the person who has stolen money from single mothers and students for his fraud university, the person who made fun of a disabled person or the person who said all muslims need to wear ID’s. Regardless of whether you agree with his policies or not, can you just acknowledge that people have a right to be upset over it? Even if you support deportation or a muslim ban or WHATEVER, are they not allowed to be scared and express their concern? Wouldn’t you be scared? Who cares if they’re wrong?! LET THEM BE. You have no idea what some of them are going through right now.
Something I hear often is that the protests are 1. pointless and 2. hypocritical. While I admit that saying “not my president” is not an accurate statement and that violence is not the way to protest, the majority of people are being peaceful and the majority of people are not trying to change the results of the election, contrary to popular belief. The point of these protests is that 100 years from now people will be reading about it in their history books and they’ll see that there was a large group of people who were against this. The point is that it keeps bigotry from being normalized. The point is that it sends a message to people sitting at home who are scared or hurt that there are people here for you. If you ask me, that doesn’t sound pointless. I personally don’t care if you voted for Trump nor do I think you’re a racist. But, if you really want to prove that you are one of the good Trump supporters, you can reach out to some of the people who are terrified and say we’re here for you, instead of making fun of them and calling them SNOWFLAKES.
Snowflakes seem to be criticized because they supposedly care more about words that hurt their feelings than actions. But maybe these snowflakes have taken a psychology class and know that words have an effect on actions. For example, when Trump says people coming from Mexico are rapists and drug dealers, starts throwing out the word bad hombres, calls a Latina woman Ms. Housekeeping, it has an effect. But, “why are you crying about it?” they ask. “He literally just wants to deport people who have committed crimes. So what if he doesn’t know how to talk in a politically correct manner?” Same thing goes for his comments about Muslim people. He has said that all Muslim people should wear ID’s like how Jewish people used to. He has made fun of a Muslim couple who lost a son fighting for America (the Khan family) saying that the wife was probably not allowed to talk because of her religion. But again, so what right? He just wants to keep out terrorists, none of that ID bullshit is actually going to happen. Why are people so sensitive about the words he uses when the law isn’t necessarily going to change on that topic? I can assure you that I never for a second feared that American Muslims would have to start wearing ID’s or that they would be kicked out of America. I think the liberals know that, they are a little smarter than given credit for. But when people hear a president say stuff like that, it affects their actions. When a person hears a man with such power speak about certain groups of people like this, they are going to think it is acceptable. Not only acceptable, but apparently the way to be successful.  There have been countless recent examples of students bullying a Muslim or a Mexican student while chanting Trump’s name. A muslim woman in New York was killed. Yes, killed. The number of hate crimes against Muslims has risen drastically and am I suppose to believe that this is a coincidence? Yes, I know that most of his supporters are not doing this. Yes, I know that its easy to argue that Trump is not directly doing any of this. But the fact that this is happening as a result of his rhetoric is important and we have to hold him responsible. I realize its easier to say that we can’t hold him accountable but basic statistics: his speech positively correlating with hate crimes against groups he speaks about. Correlation isn’t always causation but many of these acts have been politically motivated and include the mention of Trump’s name. Am I suppose to just shrug my shoulders and stop being sensitive over the fact that people are depressed, anxious, bullied, KILLED, suicidal, scared, feel unsafe or like they don’t belong. But hey, we’re just being babies right and we shouldn’t waste our time focusing on the words he uses.
If being concerned about peoples mental health makes me a snowflake, I’ll happily take the title. If the worst insult a conservative can throw my way is calling me too caring, I’m okay with that. Just call me the snow queen.

One thought on “When You Get Called a Snowflake

  1. Excellent, insightful post! Having been called many things in the past year and a half, including snowflake, libtard, fool, idiot, and more, I am in full agreement with what you say here. The divisiveness, contentiousness and outright hate of the election is not going away anytime soon. No, it isn’t partisanship, it is not that we speak against the Republican party, but against the man who has denigrated or threatened a majority of us in this nation, including women, the disabled, African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and many others. Thanks again for your post …


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